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Date: November 25, 2018 (Sunday)
Venue: Cherengin Hills Convention & Spa Resort Janda Baik, Malaysia
Time: 5:00am flag off for 50km; 7:00 a.m for 24km; 7:15am for 5km /10km
Categories: 5km, 10km, 24km, 50km
Remarks: No cup policy: bring your own hydration system or bottle for refill at water checkpoint & finish


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Event Info

About this Event

Mark Nov 25, 2018 on the calendar as we love Malaysia trails. Are you tough enough? 

5km with full details coming.

10 km – 425m elevation gain, 426m elevation loss, 516m highest point, 374m lowest point (7 km dirt roads & 3 km cement road)

22 km – 829m elevation gain, 856m elevation loss, 516m highest point, 374m lowest point (20 km dirt roads & single track & 2 km cement road)

50 km – 2256m elevation gain, 2260m elevation loss, 516m highest point, 374m lowest point (48 km dirt roads & single track & 2 km cement road)

Are you tough enough?

Sneak preview of the course

Starting point

Race Pack Collection


Subang Parade
Lot LG26A.
NO 5 Jalan SS16/1
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darulehsan
(Tel: 03-56129578)


Dates: Thursday Nov 22, Friday Nov 23  & Saturday Nov 24 – ALL RUNNERS LIVING IN KL or within 2 hours of KL driving.

Location and Time:

Thurs Nov 22 (12am-8pm) WORLD OF SPORTS Subang Parade, Lot LG26A.

Friday Nov 23 (11am-8pm) WORLD OF SPORTS Subang Parade, Lot LG26A.

Saturday Nov 24 (11am-2pm) WORLD OF SPORTS Subang Parade, Lot LG26A.

*Saturday Nov 24 (6pm-8pm) Cherengin Hills Convention & Spa resort – Janda Baik (Official Hotel Resort)

Google map link to get to Race Start – Cherengin Hills Convention & Spa resort


**Option to pay a service fee MYR50 and you bag will be taken to race venue race morning but this is only for international participants living outside Malaysia or outside KL as impossible for organizer to do race pack on race morning so please do your best to go Nov 22-24 to World of Sport or Cherengin Hills night before to pick up your race pack or get a friend to pick up for you. (They will need your signed release form which can be downloaded from this webpage).

Picking up for friends – Please bring the sign release form of your friends if picking up for them and a photo copy of their id card (or whatsapp / email scan on phone) to show staff. Release forms at registration to sign but faster downloading and bringing.

Nice shirt for all runners.


50 km – (49.2k) 2433m+ elevation gain 2427 elevation loss. Expect a very tough hilly course to push your heart to the limit as this will not be a walk in the park and will need a good training plan before the event to finish the 50km within the 13 hour cut-off. The course will follow the 20km route until the river crossing and then a 25km new section following quiet gorgeous valley with dirt track and single track with almost 100% pristine rainforest with monkey leeping from trees, sound of very loud crickets and just absolute ideal running conditions to put you in that zone you have long lived for until Lentang turn around. You will come back on the same route to the river crossing (bridge now) so try to cheer on the others coming in the opposite direction. Back at the river crossing bridge checkpoint you will continue on the same 24k route with a new dirt track we found and an additional beautiful loop at the plantation section before your last check point. A lot has gone into this course and we trust you will appreciate every bit of it. Yes there are plenty of hills, but most are short steep hills that you can overcome mentally if you train with a positive mind with a cando attitude. No pain no gain as they say. (47k dirt tracks and 2k cement road)

  • CP1 – River crossing bridge – 7.5k – cut-off is 1 hr 45 min
  • CP2 – Lentang – 20k
  • CP3 – River crossing bridge – 32k
  • CP4 – Top of hill after 1.5k loop – 43.5k
  • Total time allowed 13 hours.

Food and drink chart for each checkpoint

Banana Water Lucozade Ribena Lunch Box
CP 1  ✓  ✓  ✓
CP 2  ✓  ✓  ✓
CP 3  ✓  ✓
CP 4  ✓  ✓
FINISH  ✓  ✓  ✓

50km Elev chart

Malaysia 50 splits


Total KM Elev Gain Elev Loss
Start Cheringhill to River CP1 7580 7580 223 276
CP1 river to CP2 Lentang 12730 20310 599 821
CP2 Lentang to CP3 River 11800 32110 821 599
CP3 River to CP4 top hill plantation junction 11688 43798 678 579
CP4 – finish Cherengin hills 5340 49138 112 152



24km – This is same as last years 18km course with additional 4km added near end)- 887m+ elevation gain,  891m elevation loss, 516m highest point, 374m lowest point (20 km dirt roads & 2 km cement road)

2 water check points

CP1 – 7.5km – (River crossing bridge) – cut off is 2.5 hours (9:30am)

CP2 – 17km – (Top of short steep section before final run down to road) cut off is 5 hours (12 noon)

Time limit for 24km is 6 hours (1pm). 

Note: as first year on 24km/50km, Race Director has right to change cut-offs on race day. 

24k Elevation chart Meters Total KM Elev Gain Elev Loss
Start to CP1 river crossing bridge 7580 7580 241 302
CP1 river bridge to CP4 top of hill plantation 10188 17768 464 478
CP4 top of hill plantation to finish 5340 23108 124 76
829 856


10 km – (10.4k) 425m elevation gain, 426m elevation loss, 516m highest point, 374m lowest point (7.2 km dirt roads & 2.8 km cement road)

1 water check point

CP4 – 5.1km – (new cp on top of steep little hill before final run down to road) – Cut off is 3.5 hours (10:30am)

Time limit for 10km is 5 hours (12noon) 

10k  Elev chart
Meters Total KM Elev Gain Elev Loss
Cheringhill start down main road to short cut to CP4 5160 5160 294 280
CP4 back to Cherengin finish 5340 10500 130 146
424 426


Are you tough enough?

Course Design:
Designed by Michael Maddess (Race Director & Course Designer) who’s organized over 190 events with Action Asia Events and one of the most experienced Race Directors in Asia. Michael Maddess an active trail runner, originally from Vancouver, Canada who was Race Director of the World Police Fire Games Triathlon in Canada before moving to Asia, has worked on over 17 Action Asia Challenges across Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, 3 Vietnam adventure races and 3 day stage marathon races, 1 Laos 100k ultra event, regional MSIG AA 50 series, 2 Himalayan Mtn Bike races, over 25 Action SPRINT HK adventure races, 8 Action Asia Off Road HK bike races, worked/competed in numerous other road races/triathlons including completing 3 Ironman triathlons (10hrs 52min), 1st runner-up in 100km trailwalker in 11hrs 16min (record for HK resident) 3x in 13 hrs 25 min, 12hrs 44min, 12hrs 39min, 3rd in HK100 in 12hrs 30min, winner of Sabah 3 day adv race 3x and 8th overall Gobi 250km race. He’s also coached dragonboat, soccer and baseball teams, climbed to 15,000+ft Annapurna Basecamp, made it up to 5000m in Sichuan within 24hrs of getting off plane and jumps off bridges in Nepal for fun. If he’s not outside designing a course, he’s not having fun.

Water Check point – “NO CUP CONCEPT” only bladder, bottle or foldable cup can refill at Water station. 



Finisher Medal


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