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A Tribute to Seafarers Around the World


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Help us to Circumnavigate the Globe – 40,000 km target!

This event is a tribute to the UNSUNG heroes of the COVID-19 crisis who are the seafarers working tirelessly on ships around the world to bring us the food, fuel and day-to-day goods we all take for granted.  The signing-off and re-patriation have become extremely difficult which means many seafarers stay many months beyond their contracted time and then have to undergo a two-week quarantine (SHN) before they can be reunited with their families.  Imagine you are running a marathon and at just 500 metres from the finish line, you are told you must do it all again.  This is what thousands of seafarers are facing at this time.

‘Heroes at Sea’ is to highlight this sacrifice by seafarers and enables all to participate as each can do it at their own pace during this one month period. Moreover, we would like participants to share their selfies and wefies with messages to seafarers using the hashtag #HeroesAtSea. There are no race timings nor prizes for positions. You can choose to just do a walk, or any combination of all 4 types, i.e. walk, jog, cycle and swim. We are suggesting a minimum target of 10km, but of course, you might wish to set your individual bar higher.  For all types of activities, it must be done in a safe environment as the organizers cannot be responsible.

minimum of 90% of monies raised will go to seafarers’ welfare via the Mission to Seafarers Singapore, the Singapore Nautical Institute and the World Maritime Heritage Society.

This event is organised by World Maritime Consultancy & Services Pte Ltd, and co-organised by The Singapore Nautical Institute and The World Maritime Heritage Society.

World Maritime Consultancy & Services
The Singapore Nautical Institute
The World Maritime Heritage Society

Event Information related, event purpose and corporate enquiries, contact Capt. Fred Francis or John Bodill at: HeroesAtSea@wmcs.sg

Event available in: Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, Other

Entitlements ship from: Singapore

Free shipping for Singapore Addresses. Shipping outside Singapore = POA

Important dates

  • Registration closes: 16 November 2020
  • Event period: 1 November 2020 until 30 November 2020
    You can upload any sessions done within this period, regardless the date of your registration.
  • Upload closes: 30 November 2020
  • Shipping starts on: 7 December 2020

Categories and Fees

    10 KM
  • Walk
  • Jog
  • Cycle
  • Swim
Registration Fee:
- Individual Category: S$20* (includes e-Certificate upon event completion)
- Family Category (up to 5 members): S$80* (includes ONE hard copy family cert and ONE family medal)

Optional add-on of Finisher Medal: S$8*
Optional add-on of Event T-Shirt at S$18*

* Excludes payment processing fee
** For corporate sign-up of 10 or more persons, please contact Capt. Fred Francis or John Bodill at: HeroesAtSea@wmcs.sg


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* Please only start to walk, jog, cycle and/or swim and upload your session(s) from 1 to 30 November 2020.


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Tribute Message to Seafarers around the World from Quah Ley Hoon, CE/Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

With more than 80% of global trade carried by sea, seafarers play a critical role in keeping our supply chains flowing. These “Heroes of the Sea” work behind the scenes, often in harsh, exacting conditions. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognise that these are trying times for all seafarers.

In Singapore, we have always valued seafarers’ contributions to the industry. We have partnered various organisations to serve seafarers’ needs, including the Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU), Singapore Organisation of Seamen (SOS) and welfare missions such as The Mission to Seafarers Singapore.

Amidst these challenging times, MPA has developed “safe corridor” procedures to facilitate safe and coordinated crew change. Since March 2020, we have facilitated over 43,000 sign-ons and sign-offs in our port. MPA has also worked with industry partners and international organisations to create the S$1.68 million Singapore Shipping Tripartite Alliance Resilience Fund (SG-STAR Fund). As a global fund, the SG-STAR Fund will support safe crew change procedures and infrastructure in seafaring nations.

I warmly welcome the Heroes at Sea initiative. I hope that more like-minded partners will step forward to help our global seafarer community tide over this difficult period. Together, we will overcome!

Tribute Message to Seafarers around the World from Michael Phoon, Executive Director, Singapore Shipping Association

The shipping industry is vital for the world economy and seafarers play a key role to keep the global supply chain in motion. Over the past months, hundreds of thousands of these seafarers have either been on ships for extraordinarily prolonged periods or unable to start their employment due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

SSA recognises and empathises with the many seafarers who are facing unusual hardships in these extraordinary times. We are heartened that organisations such as the Mission to the Seafarers are offering help and solace to them when needed. As a show of solidarity to these ‘Heroes at Sea’, SSA contributed $25,000 to the Mission to the Seafarers to support seafarers during these challenging times and the consequential suspension of crew change which may affect their well-being and livelihood.

To facilitate crew change in Singapore, SSA also spearheaded and co-developed the Singapore Crew Change Guidebook with maritime stakeholders such as the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU), Singapore Organisation of Seamen (SOS) as well as industry players. This guidebook was hailed as exemplary and shared by the IMO with its member states.

As a further step to help enable safe crew change procedures and enhance infrastructure in seafaring nations, SSA also collaborated with MPA, SMOU, SOS, and international maritime stakeholders such as the International Transport Workers’ Federation and the International Maritime Employers’ Council to create the S$1.68 million Singapore Shipping Tripartite Alliance Resilience Fund (SG-STAR Fund). The International Chamber of Shipping is also lending support with their technical expertise in shipping in this global initiative.

On behalf of all at SSA, I congratulate all parties behind this ‘Heroes at Sea’ initiative. I certainly hope that more within and out of the maritime community can show their appreciation and support to seafarers during and beyond the global pandemic.


For questions regarding this event, please contact the organiser at: Event Information related, event purpose and corporate enquiries, contact Capt. Fred Francis or John Bodill at:  HeroesAtSea@wmcs.sg; Registration & Payment related - support@justrunlah.com
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