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Super Daddy & Super Mommy Virtual Run 2022


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Daddy and Mommy have always been the bedrock of the family. They are the ones who have provided for and protected us from young. Join this Super Daddy & Super Mommy Virtual Run 2022 and give them the T-shirt and medal to declare that they are indeed the Super Daddy and Super Mommy in our lives. If you are a Daddy or a Mommy yourself, come and wear this T-shirt and medal with pride. This is because you are indeed a Super Daddy and a Super Mommy.

You may complete the distance registered in one go or accumulate them. Meaning if you run/walk an average of 2km a day, you just need to submit 2.5 days of run results if you registered for the 5km category.

You may also use the same run results to submit for our other virtual runs as long as it is within the running period.

Event available in: Singapore, Malaysia

Entitlements ship from: Malaysia

Important dates

  • Registration has closed:
  • Event period: 15 May 2022 until 15 August 2022
    You can upload any sessions done within this period, regardless the date of your registration.
  • Upload closes: 15 August 2022
  • Shipping starts on: 10 September 2022

Categories and Fees

  • Virtual
  • 5 KM

* Early bird rates till 20 July 2022
** Excludes shipping and admin processing fee


  • One-off
  • Cumulative

What is a Virtual Challenge?

A virtual challenge is a race that you can complete at your own pace and time.

Virtual challenge works exactly the same as any other type of sports events (e.g. running or cycling) but the difference is that the entered race can be completed at any location, either outdoors or indoors on a machine.

All you have to do is register for a race and provide evidence that you have done it. The evidence can be a screenshot of your running/fitness app, a photo of the machine screen etc. Do check out specific instructions of the event you join for more information.

Virtual races are a great way to stay fit and active all year round, run for good causes and get awesome medals and other entitlements for your participation!


Runner's entitlements

  • Finisher T-Shirt
  • Finisher Medal
  • e-Certificate
  • E-Bib

Event apparel


Finisher medals

Other entitlements


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Super Daddy & Super Mommy Virtual Run 2022 is organised by Virtual Run People and it is open to everyone who has a valid address in Malaysia and Singapore.

1) Participants can run ANYTIME from their registration date until 15 August 2022 to complete the run. Where participants can split the distance to as many times as they wish. But if there are more than 10 pictures, they are required to combine some to the pictures to fit into 10 uploads.

2) You may also use the same run results to submit for our other virtual runs as long as it is within the running period.

3) Entries are non-transferable.

4) All T-shirts measurement is subject to 1-2 cm tolerance.

5) Finisher’s Tee size is strictly based on the size selected by the participant during registration, any request of size change will not be entertained.

6) All merchandises’ colour, design and material may be different from illustration and are subjected to change without notice.

7) Submission of results must be submitted any time before the 15 August 2022. If participants are unable to submit the result before the 15 August 2022, they will be considered as disqualified and will not be entitle for any of the rewards. As such there will be NO delivery of any medal or T-shirt.

8) Once participants registration is done, there will be NO refund even if participants are not able to participate due to whatever reason.

9) By entering our virtual event, you are accepting that Virtual Run People will contact you to keep you updated on the progress of your run. In addition, you will be added to the Virtual Run People mailing list to receive updates on future events, medals & charities. You may unsubscribe from the Virtual Run People mailing list at any time by emailing us at

10) Participants must be certified fit to participate in this event. Virtual Run People shall not be liable for any accident, injuries or mishap that happened in the participation of the event.

11) All payments are to be collected in Singapore Dollars and it is based on the current conversion rate of the day. The conversion rate is subject to currency fluctuation.

12) Participants agree to provide accurate, true, current and complete information about the Participants. Virtual Run People may contact the Participants by e-mail or text message. Any notice sent to the e-mail address registered with the Virtual Run People shall consider as received by the Participants. If the Participants provide any information that is inaccurate, untrue, not current or incomplete, or Virtual Run People has rights to suspect that such information is inaccurate, untrue, not current or incomplete, Virtual Run People may suspend or terminate the Participants’ registration and fees will not be refund.

13) If there is a returned of parcel during the delivery of the rewards due to whatever reason, we could arrange to resend the reward (upon request) but the delivery charges would be borne by participant.

14) Any address changes after registration will incur additional charges.

15) Virtual Run People reserves the right to use any photographs (including those of Participant), motion pictures, recordings, or any other media records of the Event, for any legitimate purpose including commercial advertising and distribution to Virtual Run People.

16) Virtual Run People has the rights to amend the Terms & Conditions at any time at its sole discretion without any prior notice.

For questions regarding this event, please contact the organiser at:
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